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Frequently Asked Questions

Lash Aftercare

For the maintenance and longevity of your lash extensions, we recommended washing them daily with a specialized lash shampoo.


For your ease and convenience, we have the Lash Aftercare Kits available for purchase at 

the salon.


Customer Questions

1) How long does the services take?

    *Every service will vary depending on the condition of your natural lashes and the type of service that        is booked. Typically most full sets take between 2-4 hours. In-fills can vary from 1-3 hours. We tend

     to always schedule extra time so that we can really focus on the desired outcome without rushing. 


2) Why are deposits required?

    * As a new client a deposit is required to secure your spot in the schedule, and that will go towards    

      your final balance. The deposit can be non-refundable, ask owner for more details. 


3) What can I bring?

    * It is very important to keep the room temperature cool and humidity free, so feel free to bring socks,       and a blanket to your appointment, so you can be comfortable and relaxed. We can provide a  

      blanket upon request. 


4) What can I do to prep for my appointment?

    * There are a few things you can do on your part to make the appointment go smoothly. Please

      clean your lashes very throughly and make sure you don’t wear mascara 24 hours prior to

      appointment. Face cream and lotions should be avoided, as well as make-up, such as foundations. Do

      not consume caffeine prior to appointment to avoid your eyelids from shaking. Before laying down on

      the lash bed use the restroom, since taking bathroom breaks makes appointments run longer than



5) How do I maintain my lashes clean? 

    * It is very important to keep your lashes clean, there are after care kits available at the salon to help

      you do just that. The lash shampoo we provide is formulated specifically to keep those lash extensions

      clean and healthy. Dirty lashes can cause your extensions to fall out sooner than normal. 

6) Why do these services take so long?

   *All volume or hybrid services are achieved by creating individual pro-made fans. We never use clusters to create any of the looks we produce. Nothing less than making you look/feel like a queen is acceptable so with that being said we will take the time we need to achieve the desired results. 

7) Why do I have to pay for a full set after three weeks?

   *After three weeks the growth of the lash makes it too difficult to do a fill. Specially with volume services the fans close up and a fill won't look acceptable. The time spent and the products used make it hard to stay on schedule so it's fair to both client and artist to do a full set. Also when its been over three weeks the lash fall out exceeds 50-70% so a full service will be required. 

Salon Policy

  1. Cancellations without proper 24 hours notice will result in non-refundable deposits and/or charge of services that would have been rendered. A charge of 30-50% of services may be charged if cancellation did not follow salon guidelines. A deposit or half the cost of services may be required in order to rebook any future services. 

  2. Services may and cannot be refunded. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction but that is not always possible (see terms and conditions). We will do our best to achieve your satisfaction but once extensions have been applied or any esthetic services have been rendered; a refund cannot be issued. 

  3. If you are late to your appointment we will render services for the time allotted when your services were scheduled, we will run run late for any other appointment. 

  4. Your conduct should be appropriate and respectful to salon employees and other clients at all times while inside salon or using any of ur facilities, failure to comply may result in your removal or refusal of services. 

  5. Any items purchased on site or on our website have a one week return/exchange policy. Since most products or services purchased are customized, the likelihood of a return is very high. But we will do the very best to exchange or modify in order to achieve customer satisfaction. 

  6. Discrimination will not be tolerated, not in the salon nor on this site. At Lash A Queen we do not discriminate based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, color, disability etc. 

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